Our Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


At Holbeach Primary School, we have designed our Geography curriculum with the intent that it will inspire our children with a curiosity, fascination and appreciation of the world around them. It will equip them with a diverse knowledge and understanding of people, places, natural, human and physical geography.

The curriculum progression expands outwards from the immediate locality to the global but with a comparison and contrast to the touchstone of the local at each step.

The curriculum will engage our children and facilitate and inspire them to become inquisitive, resilient, independent, challenging thinkers and active global citizens with the confidence to use, and build on, their cultural capital, learning and experiences – both inside and outside of the classroom.

At each key stage, our pupils are taught the relevant aspects of:

  • Locational knowledge (naming and locating)
  • Place knowledge
  • Human and physical geography
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork

We deliver a curriculum that:

  • Creates confident geographers and prepare them for the journey beyond.
  • Is scaffolded by excellent teaching practices.
  • Allows children to develop key geographical skills, including the gathering, communication and critical analysis of data and sources of information.
  • Creates deep-seated learning and skills, as a permanent foundation for the next steps in progression.
  • Promotes higher order analytical and creative thinking, in considering real world features, problems and solutions.
  • Will challenge children to research information and think for themselves, give reasoned answers, work independently, be socially aware of local and global geographical issues, and develop good resilience and attitudes to learning.
  • Creates fun, enjoyable, engaging, memorable learning experiences.
  • Gives children the opportunity to consider and apply cross curricular learning.