At Holbeach we have a fantastic local catering company called ‘Nourish’ that provide our school lunches.

Please have a look at the menus below

April 2024 - October 2024

Nourish are passionate about providing nutritional food that pupils will loveTe menus are attractive, informative, nutritionally analysed and updated twice a year. Nourish work closely with us to provide the best possible food, holding tasting sessions for the pupils and listening to the suggestions and feedback.

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Read the latest Nourish Newsletter to find out all about what Mr Nourish is up to!

The government provides Universal Free School Meals to all children in London Primary Schools. The Mayor's funding expands free school meals so that every child in a London primary school has the offer of a free lunch.

If you would like your child to have free School Dinners, please notify us of your choice by completing a School Meal Agreement Form. It is possible to change this arrangement by completing the same form and submitting it to the school office. Please note that changes can only be made at the beginning of a half term.


If you wish to change dinner arrangements for your child, please inform the school office before you wish the change to take place.

Changes may only be made at the beginning of a half term.

Nut Allergies (Nut Free School)

At Holbeach, we aim to be a Nut-Free school. This means that we would like the whole school community to make every effort to protect any children who have allergies to nuts.

To this end:

  • We do not allow nuts or nut products in anyone’s packed lunch boxes.
  • We ask every family to carefully consider what snacks they provide for their children.
  • We work with our catering provider to ensure that their recipes do not include nuts.
  • We work with the individual children affected to help them be responsible for the food they ingest.

Free School Meals

Who is eligible:

  • Everyone is entitled to a Free School Lunch

Packed Lunches

  • Packed lunches should be in a lunchbox clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • We do not allow sweets or chocolate.
  • Water is provided but you may provide your child a non-fizzy, carton drink.
  • If your child is allergic to tap-water s/he may bring a bottle of mineral water instead.
  • Spoons should be provided for yoghurt.