Mission, Vision and Values


“To ensure that all children receive a high quality education which has both depth and breadth so that they achieve highly, despite any barriers they may have to their learning”


“High standards for all; achieved through independence, collaboration and self-regulation”


Value Behaviour
Be Ambitious Ambitious means that I will…

  • Grab hold of the opportunities that come my way
  • Dream big and strive to do the best I can do.
  • Identify opportunities and take full advantage of them.
  • Stretch to be the best I can be
  • Reach even further than I thought I could
Be Compassionate Compassionate means that I will…

  • Act with kindness at all times
  • Let you know you’re not alone
  • Do what I can to help you when you need it
  • Come and stand where you’re standing
  • Support you when you make mistakes
Be Fearless Fearless means that I will…

  • Give new things a try
  • Step outside of my comfort zone
  • Take a risk when there’s a good reason
  • Push through my failures
  • Recognise that mistakes are part of the learning process
Be Hardworking Hardworking means that I will…

  • Be ‘whole-hearted’ in everything that I do
  • Join in with every experience presented to me
  • Go the ‘extra mile’ for others
  • Do as much as it takes to ensure that I achieve my best at all times.
  • Listen to and act upon the advice of others
Be Responsible Responsible means that I will…

  • Take ownership of my own learning and be interested in how I can improve
  • Be worthy of your trust
  • Own up to mistakes when I should
  • Ensure that I get enough sleep every night.
  • Monitor and moderate my use of technology (including mobile telephones)