Our Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement



The Holbeach computing curriculum ensures that pupils become digitally literate and able to use information technologies to express themselves and develop their ideas. It requires the pupils to be responsible and safe online users and to use the technology respectfully.

We understand that Computing is an increasingly large part of life today and that all pupils must gain the confidence and skills required in order to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.

We recognise that Computing is also a creative tool for learning which enhances and extends our children’s understanding across the whole curriculum, whilst contributing to motivation and the development of social skills.

Our computing curriculum addresses three strands of learning: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

  • Computer Science focuses on giving children an understanding of how computers and networks work and the opportunity to learn and debug basic computer programming.
  • Information Technology looks at the use of computers for functional purposes, such as collecting and presenting information, or using search technology, allowing the children to become familiar with a range of software.
  • Digital Literacy equips our children to make safe and responsible choices while using technology, including recognising its advantages for collaboration or communication.